Insite is a cloud software and solutions provider. We help you scale your business forward through cloud solutions such as CRM's, ERP's and Customer Support software, we also design and develop cloud software to suite your needs.


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  • swift SaaS deployment
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  • Business Tools

    With a wide range of Online business tools and beneficial partnerships, you'd be in safe hands with us growing your business

  • Swift Cloud Deployment

    We live in a world where your customer's technological demands have never been higher. Downtime, slow loads or mismanaged product releases are just not acceptable. Saas deployments get you setup, fast.

  • Fast, reliable, direct cloud.

    *In public cloud environments, resources are shared among multiple customers. With us, you have guaranteed access to compute and storage resources on your own virtual server.

  • Peach CRM

    Effective tracking, organization and collaboration. Track and analyze the buying habits of your customers and plan effectively.

  • Online Media Growth

    Manage teams, large social channels, tasks and assignments with ease.Measure the effectiveness of your outbound messages to optimize your reach & impressions.

Peach BMS


peach BMSPeach Business Management Suite is the right set of tools to manage your entire business. It is built with robust capabilities focused on reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving customer responsiveness across the organization.

peach bms

Peach CRM


PeachCRM helps you stay organized as your business grows. A dynamic business sales and marketing software. Let's help you get organized...

Freshdesk - Online Customer Support


Freshdesk is the customer support software that gives you everything you need to delight your customers. Streamline your support and make customers happy, get up and running quickly with a helpdesk tailored to meet your needs.

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CIO100 Award

Insite was recognized with 2 awards during the 3rd CIO100 awards held in Rwanda for Peach CRM

CIO100 Awards

Pivot25 Semi-finalists

Insite Ltd's Peach CRM, made it to the semi-finalists stage in the Pivot25 competition, being 3rd in its category in enterprise solutions.


Human IPO

Press mention on humanipo.


Njeri Rionge

One of Kenya’s most successful and revered serial entrepreneurs, Rionge has co-founded multi-million dollar companies in quick succession.

Njeri Rionge

Ignite Consulting

Ignite Consulting was created to ignite human potential for personal and organizational success. It's a firm that specializes in coaching, strategy facilitation, organizational effectiveness, skills training and high impact workshops.

Ignite Consulting